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Sevda Alekperzadeh is an outstanding Azerbaijani singer. She has studied and performed since childhood.

Sevda’s voice is unique and impossible to confuse with anyone else's: it's strong and thick, with special guttural notes. This in no way diminishes the fact that her style of singing embraces many possible elements: you can hear it in her soul music and jazz, new wave, and even African griots. 

Sevda is interested in and working to learn everything: she studied with legendary singer Alim Masimov to learn techniques of traditional "khanende" singing; she studied in Florence, Italy in 2005, to improve her skills in opera bel canto singing.  A very important feature that has always characterized any singer's performance is a high degree of emotional contribution — one cannot listen to Sevda without being deeply engaged in the emotion with which she imbues every performance.

Sevda Alekperzade comes from a family where arts and culture were a part of everyday life; every child was involved and expected to participate. Her grandfather - Abulgasan Alekperzade was named a national writer of Azerbaijan and is the author of the first Azerbaijani novel written during the Soviet period. Her father, Chingiz Alekperzade, was also a reknowned journalist-writer.


Sen Yadıma Düşende


The Garden

Sevda Alekperzadeh: About Us
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